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An Honest Business Man Looking For Honest Help

Gil1 started this conversation
My Name is Dennis Garcia, I own a Real Estate Business that helps low income families.  I recently became a victim of Identity Theft, Embezzlement, and Fraud by my own employees.  My accountant had been embezzeling money from my business account and paying my bills with fraudulant ones for six months before I knew what was happening.  Now I've lost both my car and my truck, I'm about to lose my business and now my home.  I've been unable to recover from this horrible nightmare. I've tried to get some kind of assistance from all directions only to be denied because of my credit.  Friends and family have been tapped out, I've applied for thousands of Federal Grants, still to be heard from.  I dont know what else to do, where to turn, I dont want to lose everything I worked so hard for.  I am asking for $35,000 just to keep me afloat, WILL ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME?    GOD BLESSES.
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So what is going on right now? Where are you standing? What have you done?

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no you cant

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Did you have insurance for your business? Why so much?

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I don't know much about how the law applies to this situation , but isn't there a form of being bankrupt while keeping your business and re-structuring ? It also seems that you could hire a lawyer and try to re-coop your losses. Just a thought, soulight

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